Big boots for the sharing economy and creative classes

In their latest marketing campaign Timberland have taken the creative classes (who are judged to be catalysts of new urban local economies) and the essence of the new sharing economy (think services like Air BnB and Uber), and put them together against the backdrop of some of Europe’s most exciting cities.

To top it all off they’ve created an interactive list of ”cool places”. The message is simple; European cities are cool. Young & creative is cool. Sharing is cool. (and therefore by association so is Timberland...)

Timberland have obviously done their research and latched onto some of the latest urban phenomena in order to update their brand. They’ve recognized that technology is changing the way we share information and organize ourselves, that our lifestyles and societies are changing as a result of this, and that our demands on the city are changing.

The video that we are referring to is here.

Collage of pictures