30 april 2016

Building a street’s identity

One of our most recent projects has been developing design ideas that can help to lift one of Jönköping city’s oldest and most important streets, Smedjegatan (“Blacksmith Street”). Smedjegatan has a relatively strong identity but we have been looking at ways to further develop the street to become an even more attractive destination

The street was first laid out in the 1600’s and is narrow by modern standards. This adds to its charm but also creates limits on what is possible regarding the introduction of new elements into the streetscape. Our work has focused on utilising building facades, working with the street space above head height and introducing bespoke furniture that takes account of the limited space. Many of Jönköping’s remaining timber houses which date from the 1600 and 1700s line this street, making it a very interesting and challenging environment in which to design.

We’ve also collaborated with a furniture designer Josefine Wahlström on this project, which has allowed interesting synergies to develop.

Smedjegatan, Illustration: Tom Billingham

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