Place Identity in Södra Ryd

We’re really pleased to have been selected to work with the planning for the development of Södra Ryd in Skövde. We will be working on the project in partnership with Metria AB where we will be focusing on place identity development, public participation, public space and visual communication. Södra Ryd has about 6000 inhabitants and is one of Sweden’s typical “miljonprogram” projects which was a national housing project carried out between 1965 – 1975.

The goal was to solve the acute housing crisis of the time by building 1 million housing units and to raise housing standards. Today a lot of these areas have socio-economic problems and are in need of significant reinvestment and improvement. The project aims to be completed by October 2017. The client is Skövde Municipality. We will keep you posted!

Södra Ryd, Skövde

Målning vid miljonprojekt