9 april 2019

A garden for the senses

We’ve recently completed the design of the external space for an assisted living residence in Forserum. The client is Riksbyggen, Trygga Hem and Nässjö Municipality. Functional aspects such as parking, taxi drop-off and waste management have been improved and a new sense garden has been designed for the residents.

The planting has been chosen to bring colour, attract butterflies and to provide scent and movement. A small water feature with a fountain has been designed as a central element to bring the sound of running water and the reflection and play of light. Wheel chair friendly raised beds have been designed to allow the residents to enjoy growing plants and to work with their hands. Different ground treatments such as paving, sedum, grass and stone dust have been used to allow a variation of touch under foot. Pergolas and archways give structure, shade and a home to climbing plants. Construction start is planned for summer 2019. Lighting design in collaboration with Erik Olsson på Olsson & Linder

Skiss över trädgård