13 maj 2020

OMG it’s May!

Yes, there’s been too much procrastination here at Billingham & Flygare and we’ve let our news page drift on unloved and untouched, but now it’s back!

The good things is we’ve got loads of interesting projects on the go, both public and private which are keeping us busy! One project we’ve been working on for just over a year now is Brf Regnbågen in Jönköping. We’ve worked on a new redesign and full construction documentation for the rebuild of the external spaces of this residential property comprising around 100 apartments, parking areas and two significant gardens.

We’ve collaborated with Arkitekthuset who have drawn up the new car ports and Erik Olsson of Olsson & Linder who has worked with the lighting design. The design process has seen a lot of close work between us and the client making it inclusive and democratic with residents being actively involved in the design meetings and able to inform the process as well as the finished design.

The project involves new car ports with sedum roofs and fittings for electric cars, a full modernization of all external lighting for the entire area, improvement of biodiversity through new vegetation, new communal spaces with playgrounds, dining areas, barbeque, pergolas, seating, vegetable and kitchen gardens, and lawns for sunbathing and ball games. Building work is due to begin in august with a completion date in Spring 2021.

Participation was an important part of the project. Above a lighting design workshop together with the residents. Erik Olsson from Olsson & Linder led this work.